Unsustainable damage to the heritage of East Anglia?

In 2010 I was invited to write a forum piece for the Papers of the Institute of Archaeology on the Portable Antiquities Scheme [online]. My paper raised a number of issues including under-reporting, damage to the archaeological record, and a reflection on the scale of removal of antiquities. There were several invited responses, including one from Paul Barford who will be presenting a paper at the April Heritage Seminar. Barford has raised a number of concerns about the long-term impact of metal-detecting on the archaeological record. The seminar will, I am sure, debate the issue and while I suspect that not all will agree with Barford, there will be some constructive dialogue. 

One Comment

  1. Will anyone be challenging Barford over his aggressive attacking tone towards a lawful legitimate hobby. I repeat, not his argument but his excessively rude and insulting behaviour.


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