Tretower: Sir Roger Vaughan’s Garden

Tretower Garden Guide

Sir Roger Vaughan’s Garden

In 1991 CADW produced a slim card guide to Sir Roger Vaughan’s Garden at Tretower. It consisted of a double-sided card that folded in three plus a separate A5 card with the list of plants. A plan of the garden was linked to a commentary on the features. A simplified version of the garden plan and planting appears in the 2010 CADW (shorter) guide prepared by David M. Robinson.

Tretower Guide

Tretower Court and Castle Guide


  1. […] A revised and edited version of both Ralegh Radford guides appeared in 1969 (HMSO), edited by David M. Robinson,  and a third edition in 1986 issued by CADW (reprinted 1990), price £1.50. This small format CADW guide was fully illustrated (in black and white)  with main sections on Historical Background, Periods of construction at the Castle and Court, A Descriptive Tour of Tretower Court, A Descriptive Tour of Tretower Castle, Suggestions for Further Reading and ‘Llys a chastell Tre-Twr’ (a short one page summary in Welsh). [There was also a garden guide that I have considered earlier.] […]


  2. […] I was exploring C.A. Ralegh Radford’s contribution to guidebooks for heritage sites in Wales (as well as in England and in Scotland) today. One of the series of guides I explored was on Tretower Court that was placed in state guardianship in 1930. One of the attractions is the replanting of the gardens (see the guide). […]


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