Research seminar: Utopia, museums and the issue of identity – the Mexican case.

Our final research seminar for this term will be on Wednesday 18th December at 4.30pm. We hope to have mince pies!

Dr Fidel Meraz, Senior Lecturer in the UCS School of Arts & Humanities will be talking about: “Utopia, museums and the issue of identity: the Mexican case”

The presentation explores the shift of Mexican architectural practice from a nationalist model towards a dystopian globalized one by revealing controversies in cases of conversion of colonial architecture into museums. On the one hand, Mexican heritage is protected by a scientific approach of conservators who seem committed not only with the physical evidence of the past, in archaeological and anthropological senses, but also championing vaguely defined identity values. On the other hand, globalizing designer architects propose projects that challenge traditions. The encounter between conservators’ intelligentsia and architectural practice in the transformation of architectural heritage is often problematic. This is an attempt to unravel the architectural perceptions of architects facing the dichotomy colonial-contemporary.

If you’d like to attend, please register with Julie Barber email: / 01473 338181

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