From values to narrative: a new foundation for the conservation of historic buildings. Seminar 19th February

The next heritage seminar will be on Wednesday 19th February at the usual time of 4.30pm.  Nigel Walter, Director of Archangel Architects will be delivering a talk entitled:

From values to narrative: a new foundation for the conservation of historic buildings

Abstract: Since its inception, modern conservation has derived the significance of a heritage asset from the identification and prioritisation of distinct classes of values. If such values-based systems were ever appropriate, they are increasingly out of step with other areas of cultural life, and particularly the call for greater public participation; the resulting tensions are particularly manifested when considering change to historic buildings and environments. It can be argued that the currently under- theorised state of conservation is positively harmful both to the conservation professions and to the buildings we seek to protect. This seminar will combine experience from practice, an exploration of conservation’s philosophical origins and an ode to the joy of cheese, all with the aim of outlining a better theoretical foundation.

About the speaker: Nigel Walter studied Architecture at the University of Cambridge and now runs Archangel Architects, a Cambridge-based practice. He completed the MA in Conservation Studies (Historic Buildings) at the University of York in 2012 and has a particular interest in exploring how churches and other historic buildings can better tell their stories.

The talk will be held in the Waterfront Building at the Ipswich Campus.  Please get in touch with Julie Barber if you’d like to attend.

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