Heritage seminar 16th April: Dr Sara Perry – Cultural heritage in pictures: The state of play in current visualisation practice

The next Heritage Futures Unit seminar will be on Wednesday 16th April at 4.30pm.  Dr Sara Perry, Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Management at the University of York will be talking about:

Cultural heritage in pictures: The state of play in current visualisation practice

This talk will provide an overview of graphic media production and visual theory as applied to cultural heritage in the UK and beyond. I will discuss the current communities of professionals, scholars and students engaged in visualisation work, the contradictions and problems faced (and often propagated) by these communities, and next steps for the field of practice.

Please get in touch with Julie Barber email: julie.barber@ucs.ac.uk if you’d like to attend.

Sara’s Bio:

Sara completed both a BA and MA in Anthropology at the University of Victoria (Canada), specialising in prehistoric archaeology and visual anthropology.  Following these degrees, she moved to the UK to pursue a PhD in Archaeology, graduating from the University of Southampton in 2011.  Concurrent with her PhD, she held a British Academy research fellowship at the Society of Antiquaries of London, a managerial post on the English Heritage-funded Visualisation in Archaeology project, and a fellowship in digital humanities at Southampton.

Sara’s research focuses on the means by which archaeologists present the past to both academic and non-academic audiences—e.g., in museums, books, journal articles, magazines, exhibitions, lectures, on television, film and the web.  Her work converges on the intellectual and economic consequences of these various forms of media, particularly how their use feeds back into disciplinary research questions and funding streams.

Sara blogs about her academic life at saraperry.wordpress.com, and she’s on Twitter at @archaeologistsp.

Author: Ian Baxter

Heritage management / historic preservation academic at Heriot-Watt University; Vice-Chair of the Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS); Trustee of The Heritage Alliance. Obsessed by administrative histories of heritage organisations, heritage signs, and the design of site guidebooks.

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