An Illustrated Guide to the Ancient Monuments of Wales

Wales (1973)

Wales (1973)

I have commented before on the Illustrated Regional Guides to Ancient Monuments that appeared in the late 1930s. This volume was published in 1973 as An Illustrated Guide to the Ancient Monuments Maintained by the Department of the Environment on Behalf of the Secretary of State for Wales (London: HMSO, 1973; 2nd impression with amendments, 1976). The price is clearly £1.65.

There are five main sections:

  • H.N. Savory, Prehistory (7-29)
  • G.C. Boon, The Roman Occupation (30-46)
  • C.A. Ralegh Radford, Early Christianity and the Emergence of Wales (47-57)
  • Glanmor Williams, The Middle Ages (58-99)
  • D. Morgan Rees, The Industrial Revolution (100-105)

There is a short bibliography for each of the sections.

The catalogue of sites appears on ‘pink’ pages at the end arranged by county. There is a foldout map at the end locating the sites.

The Preface informs us:

The guide differs from its predecessors (the previous guides to North Wales and South Wales) as the result of recent changes in the arrangements for the custody of Ancient Monuments in Britain. The Department of the Environment has absorbed the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works and the Secretary of State for Wales is now responsible for Welsh Ancient Monuments in the place of the Minister. Industrial Monuments have ben included for the first time, since they now fall within the scope of the Ancient Monuments Act.

This is part of a new series announced as:

  1. Northern England. 75p
  2. Southern England. 60p
  3. [Blank – for East Anglia]
  4. Wales. £1.65
  5. Cymru. £1.65 [Welsh language version of 4]
  6. Castles. 35 p
  7. Abbeys. £1.25



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