Aberdour Castle

Aberdour Castle (2010) © David Gill

Aberdour Castle is located on the north side of the Firth of Forth. The earliest parts date back to the 12th century. The terraced garden forms one of the stunning features with views of the main part of the residence. The house became the main residence of William Douglas, 8th Earl of Morton, who was closely linked to James VI of Scotland.

The 2009 Historic Scotland Guidebook was prepared by Kirsty Owen. There is a helpful double page ‘Aberdour Castle at a glance’ that points the visitor to keep features. The guided tour is split into two: a short tour (pp. 4-5), and then a more detailed looks at the individual elements of the castle. It includes the parish church of St Fillan. The guide is followed by a short history designed as a series of double-page spreads.

Aberdour Castle (2009)

Author: David Gill

David Gill is Honorary Professor in the Centre for Heritage at the University of Kent, and an Academic Associate in SISJAC at UEA; Professor of Archaeological Heritage.

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