Ancient Monuments: Scotland



Regional guides of ancient monuments in the guardianship of the Ministry of Works started to appear in the 1930s (e.g. Wales). These in effect were a gazeteer providing visitors with information about the location and the admission arrangements. Volume VI covered Scotland (2nd ed. 1954; price 6 shillings) with introductory essays by V. Gordon Childe (The Physical Background; Prehistoric Periods; Dark Ages) and W. Douglas Simpson (The Roman Occupation; the Celtic Period; the Middle Ages). There are 24 black and white plates, and a map inserted inside the back cover.

At the back of the guide is a list of the 49 official guides for Scotland.


  1. […] C.A. Ralegh Radford was appointed Inspector for Ancient Monuments in Wales and Monmouthshire in 1929. He then prepared a series of guidebooks for sites in Wales (and England), including one for Kidwelly Castle (1935). A shortened version of this Ministry of Works guide was published in 1946 (and reprinted in 1948) at the price of 2d (as opposed to 6d for the illustrated guide). The fuller guide ‘is not available at present’. This ‘abridged guide’ was still the only one available in 1954 (see list here). […]


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