Oxburgh Hall: guidebooks

Oxburgh_2015There is a new National Trust guidebook to Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk, by Anna Forrest (2014). There are 56 pages with plans, archive photographs, and colour images.

There are five main sections: Survival and Continuity (2-5), The Exterior (6-9), Tour of the House (10-29), Landscape and Gardens (30-39), and Oxburgh and the Bedingfields (40-56). The guidebook includes a feature on Caring for Oxburgh today (51) describing the work of the National Trust team.

It is a beautifully designed guidebook with a generous amount of information.


The 2014 guidebook replaced the 2000 guidebook (reprinted as recently as 2010). This was divided into Introduction (4-5), Tour of the House (6-27), The Grounds (28-31), Oxburgh and the Bedingfields (32-47). Unlike the more recent guide this includes listings of significant paintings and works of art. This one includes colour images as well as archive photographs.


Oxburgh contains the hangings associated with Bess of Hardwick and Mary, Queen of Scots. The National Trust used to have a dedicated short guide (16 pp) with a number of black and white images. The hangings are on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

National Trust guidebooks are available to order online here.

Author: David Gill

David Gill is Honorary Professor in the Centre for Heritage at the University of Kent, and an Academic Associate in SISJAC at UEA; Professor of Archaeological Heritage.

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