Whithorn Priory Museum

© David Gill

© David Gill

Historic Scotland looks after a number of site museums. One of the gems is the Whithorn Priory Museum that contains material from the early Christian site at Whithorn (in south-west Scotland). The ‘stones’ are beautifully displayed alongside a series of informative panels and descriptions. (And the custodian on duty was extremely welcoming.)

The priory is reported to have been founded by St Ninian in the 5th century.

At the centre of the museum is the Monreith Cross, standing at 2.7 m. It dates to c. AD 800-1000.

Further details on the museum and surrounding sites can be found here.

One of the visitor activities is making your own decorated cross for a bookmark.



  1. […] The original guide was by C.A. Ralegh Radford who had excavated at the site in 1949-53. The new (undated) Official Souvenir Guide is by Adrian Cox with Sally Gall and Peter Yeoman. The 40 pages are divided into two main sections: Guided Tour and History. The guide also covers Kirkmadrine Early Christian Stones (also in the care of Historic Scotland) and Chapel Finian. There is a section on the stones in the adjacent museum. […]


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