Remembering Brian Shefton



A series of essays on objects in the Shefton collection, part of the Great North Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne, arrived this week. There are 14 essays that explore the Greek and Etruscan objects brought together by Shefton.

My own essay was on an early example of an Attic black-glossed bosal [a name invented by Sir John Beazley for shapes he recognised in Bol[ogna] and Sal[onika]] that had once formed part of the Nostell Priory collection in Yorkshire.

This publication coincides with my the electronic publication of my memoir in Shefton that appeared in The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. 

  • ‘The Nostell Priory bolsal’, in J. Boardman, A. Parkin, and S. Waite (eds.), On the Fascination of Objects: Greek and Etruscan Art in the Shefton Collection (Oxford: Oxbow, 2016), 95-106.
  • ‘Shefton, Brian Benjamin (1919–2012)’, in The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016). [online]


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