Stuart E. Rigold and official guidebooks


1974 (1985)

Stuart Eborall Rigold (1919-1980) studied geology at St Andrews, and during WW2 worked at Bletchley Park. He continued his studies at St Peter’s Hall, Oxford, where he was recruited for the Ministry of Works (1948) working under Bryan O’Neil. He was Principal Inspector (1976-79).

Rigold wrote the following guidebooks:

  • The Pyx Chamber, Westminster Abbey (1949)
  • The Chapter House, Westminster Abbey (1952) (with John G. Noppen)
  • Totnes Castle (1952)
  • Titchfield Abbey (1954) (with Rose Graham)
  • Nunney Castle (1956)
  • Maison Dieu, Ospringe (1958)
  • North Elmham Saxon Cathedral (1960)
  • Temple Manor, Strood (1962)
  • Eynsford Castle (1963)
  • Portchester Castle (1965)
  • Baconsthorpe Castle (1966)
  • Lilleshall Abbey (1969)
  • Yarmouth Castle (1969)
  • Reculver (1971)
  • Bayham Abbey (1974)
  • Thetford Priory (1979) (with F.J.E. Raby and P.K. Baillie Reynolds)

It should be noted that several of these are sites in Kent: Maison Dieu; Temple Manor; Eynsford Castle; Reculver.


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