Dundrennan Abbey: signs and guidebook


Dundrennan Abbey © David Gill

Some of the Ministry signs at Dundrennan Abbey make specific references to the guidebook by J.S. Richardson (1934) and appear to make the assumption that the visitor will be using the signs as an aid to move around the site. (For the more recent Historic Scotland guidebook, a revision of Richardson’s guide, see here.) Thus in the presbytery at the east end of the abbey church is a sign adjacent to the piscina. This explains the position of the High altar and the sedilia, as well as the position of the choir stalls. The present HS guide does not have a plan that helps with this.


Dundrennan Abbey © David Gill


Dundrennan Abbey © David Gill

The present guidebook notes: ‘The position of their [sc. the monks’] oak choir-stalls can still be seen on the smooth inner faces of the great piers supporting the main west arch of the crossing’.


Dundrennan Abbey, pier supporting the main west arch of the crossing © David Gill

No conjectural drawing appears at the west facade, but the new guidebook does include a digital ‘recreation’ of the abbey church showing the west facade.


Dundrennan Abbey © David Gill


Dundrennan Abbey © David Gill

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