Kirkmadrine Early Christian Stones


Kirkmadrine © David Gill

The Early Christian Stones at Kirkmadrine are displayed in the 19th century mausoleum built by Lady McTaggart Stewart of Ardwell.


1953 (5th impress. 1968)

The original guidebook (combined with Whithorn) was by C.A. Ralegh Radford (1953). This contains a catalogue of the stones as well as transcriptions. The present Historic Scotland guide includes a section on Kirkmadrine.


Kirkmadrine © David Gill

The Ministry finger boards directing to the stone were made by the Royal Label Factory.


Kirkmadrine © David Gill


  1. […] Readers of ‘Heritage Futures’ will know that we have more than a passing interest in the historic signs erected by the Ministry of Works (and its successors) to interpret and manage sites in state guardianship. This seminar will explore the range of signs used across prehistoric, Roman, medieval and industrial sites in the UK. These include the signs directing visitors to the site, car-parking, warning signs and directional arrows, as well as those that help to interpret the different parts of complex buildings such as abbeys and castles. Many were cast by the Royal Label Factory. […]


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