Threave Castle: guidebook


Threave Castle © David Gill

Threave Castle is built by the river Dee inland from Kirkcudbright. It appears to have been constructed in the late 14th century.

Margaret, daughter of Robert III, appears to have died here and her body was buried in Lincluden Collegiate Church.

The castle was besieged and taken by King James II in 1455. It suffered a final siege in 1640 when it was garrisoned fro the royalists.


2007 [first published by HMSO 1983]

The castle was placed in State Guardianship in 1913, and an earlier guidebook for the castle was prepared (see here). The present Historic Scotland guidebook was prepared by Chris Tabraham and was first published by HMSO in 1983. The guide follows the usual HES format of a Guided Tour followed by a History.

For Ministry signs on the way to Threave Castle see here. It is reached by a ferry.

Threave Castle has been affected by recent flooding and this is explored on the Historic Scotland blog.

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