Guide to Scottish Border Abbeys

1964 (1973)

In 1964 an illustrated guide to Scottish Border Abbeys was prepared by George Scott-Moncrieff. This covered four abbeys in state guardianship:

  • Melrose Abbey (1919): Cistercian
  • Dryburgh Abbey (1919): Premonstratensian
  • Kelso Abbey: Tironensian
  • Jedburgh Abbey (1913): Augustinian

The guide contains details of each abbey, plans and photographs, as well as reconstructions by Alan Sorrell.

1932 (2nd ed. 1949, 6th impress. 1973)
Second edition 1948 (9th impression 1973)

At least two of the sites had earlier official guidebooks: Melrose Abbey (1932) and Dryburgh Abbey (1937). Kelso Abbey had a paper guide.

See also the illustrated guide to Monastic Sites in Yorkshire.

St Olave’s Priory: Refectory

St Olave’s Priory © David Gill

St Olave’s Priory is an Augustinian foundation dating to the early 13th century. It has been in state care since 1921 and is now part of English Heritage. The priory was originally in Suffolk (and still features in the Suffolk Pevsner) but since 1974 has been in Norfolk.

St Olave’s Priory © David Gill

One of the most impressive features left at the site is the 14th century refectory. The refectory continued as a private house until 1902.

St Olave’s Priory © David Gill
St Olave’s Priory © David Gill
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