Reconstructing a Broch and Crowdfunding

Glenelg © David Gill

It has been announced that a broch will be reconstructed in Caithness (“Bid to build replica Iron Age tower in Caithness“, BBC News 4 January 2019).

The Caithness Broch Project is using crowdfunding to raise support for the reconstruction.

Brochs in State Guardianship

Dun Beag, Skye © David Gill

Brochs are an important part of the archaeological landscape. Several have been placed in State Guardianship in Scotland.

Shetland: Clickimin Broch; Mousa Broch

1970 [1973]

Orkney: Broch of Gurness; Midhowe Broch [Guidebook: HES]

1993 (rev. ed. 2008)

Western Lewis: Dun Carloway

Skye: Dun Beag

Mainland: Glenelg Brochs (Dun Telve, Dun Troddan)

Glenelg © David Gill

Sutherland: Dun DornaigilCarn Liath

Scottish Borders: Edin’s Hall

Hebridean Heritage: Dun Beag

Dun Beag, Skye © David Gill
Dun Beag, Skye © David Gill

The broch at Dun Beag on Skye holds a commanding position looking out towards the Western Isles, near Bracadale. It is approximately 11 m in diameter. It is estimated that it originally stood to some 10 m. Although the broch probably dates to the first century AD, it appears to have continued into use up to the 18th century.

The broch is in the care of Historic Scotland.

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