Sutton Hoo: visualising the burials

Sutton Hoo sculpture © David Gill

Visitors to the cemetery at Sutton Hoo sometimes find it hard to visualise a ship under the mound. The NLHF supported project has allowed a ship sculpture to be inserted in the courtyard next to the cafe and shop. The central part maps out the finds on the ‘burial chamber’.

Burial details in the Sutton Hoo sculpture © David Gill

This contrasts with the reconstructed display in the original exhibition at the site.

Reconstructed ship burial at National Trust Sutton Hoo © David Gill

Dog and cat in the Kerameikos

Athens, National Museum 3476 © David Gill

In 1922 the marble base of a kouros was found built into Themistoklean Wall in the Kerameikos in Athens. On the right hand side four youths watch as a god and a cat confront each other.

The sculpture is dated on the orthodox chronology to c. 510 BC.

Athens, National Museum 3476 © David Gill

Strata Florida: the resting place of a leg

The resting place of the leg of Henry Hughes, Cooper, Strata Florida © David Gill

One of the more unusual ‘grave’ markers in the cemetery at Strata Florida in Wales is the inscription for Henry Hughes.

“The left leg and part of the thigh of Henry Hughes, Cooper was cut off & interr’d here June 18th, 1756”.

Hughes subsequently emigrated to America.

Grave of Henry Hughes at Strata Florida © David Gill

John Ormond’s ‘Lament for a Leg’ can be found here.


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