St Govan’s Chapel


St Govans Chapel © David Gill

St Govan’s Chapel in Pembrokeshire is set in a fold of the sea cliffs. The present chapel probably dates to the 13th or 14 centuries, although the name suggests a possibly earlier foundation.

The chapel is accessed via the Castlemartin firing ranges.


St Govans Chapel © David Gill

St Mary’s Chapel, Scarborough


St Mary’s Chapel, Scarborough © David Gill

The remains of the chapel dedicated to St Mary lie within the remains of the Roman signal station, and form part of Scarborough Castle. The chapel’s origins appear to date back to c. 1000, during the Viking settlement of Scarborough. The structure rests on the signal station’s tower.

Skipness Chapel


© David Gill

Skipness Chapel in Kintyre dates to the 14th century and stands opposite Arran. It contains a collection of tomb-stones and funerary monuments. It is now in the care of Historic Scotland.


Skipness Chapel from Skipness Castle © David Gill

Walpole Old Chapel

Interior of Walpole Old Chapel © David Gill

Interior of Walpole Old Chapel © David Gill

Walpole Old Chapel in Suffolk dates back to the 17th century: the first congregation was formed (according to the new Pevsner) in 1649. The building itself appears to have originated as a late 16th century domestic structure. The interior of the chapel retains the original feel, complete with boxed pews, galleries, and a double-decker pulpit.

The building, now in the care of the Historic Chapels Trust, is still in use with occasional services, concerts, poetry readings and other events.