The Parthenon Marbles: 200th Anniversary of the Parliamentary Vote


The Parthenon pediment in the British Museum © David Gill

It is the 200th Anniversary of the Parliamentary Vote that led to the Parthenon Marbles forming part of the British Museum (see Looting Matters). The Parthenon forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Athenian Acropolis. Yet the architectural sculptures are displayed in London. Is it time to display the sculptures in sight of the temple for which they were created?


The New Acropolis Museum © David Gill

Getty to return further head to Italy


Terracotta head of Hades found near Morgantina. Source: MiBACT

The J. Paul Getty Museum is to hand over a terracotta head to Italian authorities tomorrow (details on Looting Matters). It will then be put on display in the museum at Aidone, alongside other objects returned from North American collections.

The head’s return raises wider questions about how the Getty acquired material from private collections in the 1980s in spite of the 1970 UNESCO Convention.

The Cleveland Apollo from an old East German collection

The Cultural Heritage debate has been reopened with the publication of Michael Bennett’s study of the so-called Cleveland Apollo. Bennett’s study reopens the “due diligence” process required before museum’s acquire recently surfaced material.