Images from Greek Police Raid Used to Identify Amphora due to be Auctioned in London

Image of Athenian amphora attributed to the Bucci painter seized in Greek police raid (2007). Source: Dr Christos Tsirogiannis.

Dr Christos Tsirogannis has identified an Attic amphora due to be auctioned in London next week as the one shown in two images seized during a Greek police raid in 2007. The auction house concerned needs to demonstrate the full collecting history.

More details are available on Looting Matters.

Sicily: Culture and Conquest

British Museum © David Gill

I can remember my first visit to Sicily as an undergraduate to see the temples at Agrigento. The experience was overwhelming as I viewed some of the best preserved Greek colonial temples.

The British Museum’s latest temporary exhibition, Sicily: Culture and Conquest, captures some of history using items from the permanent collections as well as loan materials. Some of the photograph is stunning, placing the objects back in their Sicilian landscapes. I have been to the exhibition twice in the last few weeks, and on the second time was able to observe fresh details.

There are five main themes:

  1. Peoples of Sicily
  2. The Rise of the Tyrants
  3. Age of Conquest
  4. The Normans
  5. An Enlightened Kingdom

The lavish catalogue goes well beyond the exhibition.

Greek Pottery at Nostell Priory

Nostell Priory
Nostell Priory, Yorkshire © David Gill

My paper on the Attic black-glossed bolsal now in the Great North Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne but once in the collection at Nostell Priory in Yorkshire is now available. The house is now owned by the National Trust.

Gill, D. W. J. 2015. “The Nostell Priory bolsal.” In On the fascination of objects: Greek and Etruscan art in the Shefton Collection, edited by J. Boardman, A. Parkin, and S. Waite: 95-106. Oxford: Oxbow.

Edited volume


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