Goodrich Castle: guidebooks

1958 (5th impress. 1967)

Goodrich Castle was placed in State Guardianship in 1920. The first official guidebook was prepared by C.A. Ralegh Radford, with a new edition in 1958. It consists of a history, with a section on periods of construction, then a description. A plan of the castle was included inside the guidebook at the start of the description.

1958 (9th impress. 1975)

The revised DOE blue guide has the foldout plan inside the back cover.

1993 (repr. 1999)

The English Heritage guidebook was prepared by Derek Renn (whose other guides included Framlingham Castle, Old Sarum and Shell Keeps). This starts with a tour of the castle, walks along the river Wye, and a history of Goodrich. A plan of the castle is placed in the centre of the guide.

Arthur’s Stone

Arthur’s Stone © David Gill

The Neolithic burial site known as Arthur’s Stone lies on the edge of Golden Valley in Herefordshire (and on the border with Wales). It is now in the care of English Heritage.

The 1955 Ministry guide to the Midlands (see here) notes that while admission is ‘at any time without charge’, the key could be obtained at Caeperthy Farm.

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