Heritage Fortnight in Ipswich

Back on Track
Back on Track Heritage Lecture © Caroline Gill

UCS contributed two lectures to the Ipswich Heritage Fortnight: one on the Saxon Shore by Professor David Gill, and the other on Back on Track by Dr Geraint Coles. They were opportunities to present to a wider public the two projects that we would like to develop through Heritage Futures: the first linked to the benefits of heritage tourism, and the second to economic regeneration. We were impressed by the large audiences for both the lecture (as well as the Sutton Hoo conference where there was a waiting list). We are hoping to hold follow-up workshops to both lectures.

Back on Track: Heritage Lecture

Dr Geraint Coles will be lecturing on the Back on Track Project: The Heritage of Railways in East Anglia for the the Ipswich Heritage Fortnight lectures. Wednesdayy 24 Spetember, 4.30 pm in the UCS Ipswich Waterfront Building. All welcome.

For an abstract a further details see here.

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