Dryburgh Abbey: book cupboard


Dryburgh Abbey © David Gill

A book cupboard is located on the east side of the cloister at Dryburgh Abbey. It is adjacent into the main east processional doorway into the church, and on the other side the library and vestry.

J.S. Richardson (in the ‘Blue Guide’) noted: ‘Near the processional doorway is a wall-press or aumbry, once fitted with doors and shelves to contain the books used in the cloister’.


Dryburgh Abbey © David Gill


Dryburgh Abbey © David Gill


Library and Sacristy at Byland

Byland Abbey was founded in 1177 by monks from Furness in Cumbria (although the earliest buildings probably date back to c. 1165). The Library and Sacristy are located in the space between the south transept of the abbey church and the chapter house (on the east side of the cloister).


Library at Byland Abbey © David Gill


Sacristy at Byland Abbey © David Gill