Eleusis in Cambridge

Caryatid from Eleusis, Fitzwilliam Museum © David Gill

One of the caryatids from the Roman ‘lesser propylaia’ in the sanctuary of Demeter at Eleusis was obtained by E.D. Clarke and now resides in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. It is currently part of an art installation by Hugo Dalton.

Another caryatid from the ‘lesser propylaia’ is now displayed in the Eleusis Museum. Both appeared in the documentary, ‘The Sacred Way‘, by Michael Wood (1991).

Caryatid from Eleusis, Eleusis Museum © David Gill

The lesser Propylaia was a benefaction of Appius Claudius Pulcher.

Lesser Propylaia, Eleusis © David Gill
Dedicatory inscription, Lesser Propylaia, Eleusis © David Gill

Coventina’s Well

Inscription from Carrawburgh (Chesters Museum) © David Gill

In 1876 a dedication was recovered during the excavation of the sanctuary at Coventina’s Well, just to the west of the fort at Carrawburgh on Hadrian’s Wall (RIB 1534). The relief shows the goddess Coventina (note ‘vv’ in the inscription). The dedication is by Titus D() Cosconianus, the prefect of the 1st Cohort of Batavians.

The unit is known at Carrawburgh from the early 3rd century AD. Aelius Tertius, another prefect of the unit, made a dedication to Coventina (RIB 1535).

The dedication is now displayed in the museum at Chesters Roman fort.

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