DOE Guide: Hardknott Roman Fort

ImageThe DOE published a series of small folded guides, printed on both sides. They tended to be for unstaffed sites.

The one for Hardknott Roman Fort was prepared by Dorothy Charlesworth and was published in 1972. The cost was 6 p.

The text covers two and a half columns, with an introduction on the name, Mediobogdum. There is then a discussion of the date, followed by a description of the physical remains.

There are three images of the site, and a simple plan covering two (of the four) columns.

There is also a short paragraph on ‘How to get there’.

DOE Guide: Chester


The Department of the Environment also published a series of paper guides such as that for The Roman Amphiteatre at Chester by F.H. Thompson (reprinted 1972; cost 2 1/2 pence). Therewere seven pages of text, and a double page plan of the amphitheatre (although more than half was unexcavated).

The sections included an introduction (to amphitheatres in the Roman Empire), the discovery of the Chester amphitheatre (in 1929), the excavation and its results, and problems of excavation and conservation.

The guide also pointed out issues relating to the modern drainage for the site.

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