Sector knowledge: Tourist Studies

Journal summary: Tourist Studies is a multi-disciplinary journal providing a platform for the development of critical perspectives on the nature of tourism as a social phenomenon through a qualitative lens. The journal provides a critical social science approach to the study of the tourist and the structures which influence tourist behaviour and the production and reproduction of tourism.

The journal examines the relationship between tourism and related fields of social inquiry. Tourism and tourist styles consumption are not only emblematic of many features of contemporary social change, such as mobility, restlessness, the search for authenticity and escape, but they are increasingly central to economic restructuring, globalization, the sociology of consumption and the aestheticization of everyday life. Tourist Studies analyzes these features of tourism from a multi-disciplinary perspective and seeks to evaluate, compare and integrate approaches to tourism from sociology, socio-psychology, leisure studies, cultural studies, geography and anthropology.

The journal takes a global perspective of tourism, widening and challenging the established views of tourism presented in current periodical literature. Coverage includes: Theoretical analysis with a firm grounding in contemporary problems and issues in tourism studies, qualitative analyses of tourism and the tourist experience, reviews linking theory and policy, interviews with scholars at the forefront of their fields, review essays on particular fields or issues in the study of tourism, review of key texts, publications and visual media relating to tourism studies, and notes on conferences and other events of topical interest to the field of tourism studies.

Publisher: Sage

Website: Tourist Studies: SAGE Journals (

Access: Subscription; some open-access

Journal type: Academic peer-reviewed

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