Sutton Hoo 75th Anniversary Conference

The 75th Anniversary Conference of the Sutton Hoo Society was held at UCS on Saturday. All the tickets were sold and there was a waiting list for places. There were some excellent lectures that picked up on the theme of emerging kingdoms.

Sutton Hoo: 75th Anniversary


The National Trust and the Sutton Hoo Society hosted a party on Friday 25 July 2014 to mark the 75th anniversary of Mrs Pretty’s sherry party to reveal some of the remarkable finds from the excavations.


Sutton Hoo Society: Basil Brown Memorial Lecture 2014

Sutton Hoo Society

Basil Brown Lecture 2014

The 2014 Basil Brown Memorial Lecture will be taking place in Woodbridge on Saturday 14 June 2014. Dr Leslie Webster will be lecturing on “Tradition and Transformation in Anglo-Saxon Art”.