Sector knowledge: Time & Society

Journal Summary: Time & Society publishes articles, reviews, and scholarly comment that make original contributions to understandings of the relationships between time, temporality, and social life. It covers research across the arts, humanities, and social sciences (including interfaces with the sciences). It is interested in multi- and inter- disciplinary work which seeks to bring different approaches, methods, theories, and/or empirical work into conversation. Critiques of, and proposals for, time-related aspects of public, social, scientific, economic, environmental, and organisational policies are also of interest. The Letters to the Editor section provides a place for the informal exchange of topical ideas, provocations and musings related to the above. Time & Society strives to be international in scope, and independent of the interests of particular schools or directions of research, or particular political or narrow disciplinary objectives.

Publisher: Sage


Access: Subscription; some open access

Journal Type: Academic peer reviewed

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