Arbroath Abbey: guidebook

1954 (2nd impress. 1962)
1954 (4th impress. 1972)

Arbroath Abbey was founded by William the Lion in 1178 in memory of Thomas Becket of Canterbury. Tironensian monks from Kelso helped to establish the community. The abbey was the setting for the Declaration of Arbroath on 5 April 1320.

The official guide is divided into two sections: a history by R.L. Mackie; and a description by Stewart Cruden. A conjectural reconstruction is placed in the centre, and a fold-out plan inside the back cover.

Guide to Scottish Border Abbeys

1964 (1973)

In 1964 an illustrated guide to Scottish Border Abbeys was prepared by George Scott-Moncrieff. This covered four abbeys in state guardianship:

  • Melrose Abbey (1919): Cistercian
  • Dryburgh Abbey (1919): Premonstratensian
  • Kelso Abbey: Tironensian
  • Jedburgh Abbey (1913): Augustinian

The guide contains details of each abbey, plans and photographs, as well as reconstructions by Alan Sorrell.

1932 (2nd ed. 1949, 6th impress. 1973)
Second edition 1948 (9th impression 1973)

At least two of the sites had earlier official guidebooks: Melrose Abbey (1932) and Dryburgh Abbey (1937). Kelso Abbey had a paper guide.

See also the illustrated guide to Monastic Sites in Yorkshire.

Kelso Abbey: leaflet

KelsoAbbey_coverThe Tironensian abbey at Kelso is in the care of Historic Environment Scotland. It was founded by 1128.

The Ministry of Works prepared  a very simple leaflet derived from the Royal Commission’s Inventory for Roxburghshire. The cover seems to be preprinted and the inside and back cover contain a typescript.

There is a more detailed discussion in the HMSO guide to Scottish Border Abbeys.

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