Sector knowledge: Town Planning Review

Journal Summary: As a journal focused on urban planning and regional planning journal, Town Planning Review provides a forum for communication between researchers and students, policy analysts and practitioners. It publishes a diversity of research approaches, welcoming full-length papers and review articles contributing to the advancement of town and regional planning research in highly developed economies and in emerging industrial states, particularly those relating to the areas of:

• spatial planning
• regional development and analysis
• urban regeneration and renewal
• local and regional economic development
• community planning and participation
• social cohesion and spatial inequalities
• housing area planning and development
• urban design and conservation
• environmental planning and sustainable development
• transport and infrastructure planning
• rural planning and development
• governance and institutions

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

Website: Liverpool University Press: Journals: Town Planning Review

Access: Subscription; some open access

Journal Type: Academic peer reviewed

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