Heritage Tourism and Suffolk

The Saxon Shore: Heritage Tourism and Suffolk
The Saxon Shore: Heritage Tourism and Suffolk

My paper on ‘Heritage Tourism and Suffolk’ explored the potential of creating a narrative looking at the transformation of Late Roman Suffolk to the East Anglian kingdom. Suffolk has the internationally significant ship burial site of Sutton Hoo, the newly explored¬†vicus regius at Rendlesham, the reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village at West Stow (‘England’s oldest village’), and the harbour settlement of Ipswich (‘England’s oldest English-speaking town’).

The slides for the presentation are available here.

West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village Celebrations

Reconstructed village
© David Gill, 2013

West Stow Anglo-Saxon village is celebrating its 40th anniversary [BBC News]. The first reconstructions were started in 1973. 

Alan Baxter, heritage manager at West Stow, said: “It’s a 40-year commitment to a most unusual archaeological experiment – there is no other Anglo-Saxon village reconstructed on its original site and these are the roots of our nationhood here.

The site brings together archaeology, as well as experimentation to understand how the buildings worked.