Woodbridge Waterfront Developments

Woodbridge © David Gill

The BBC has reported on the developments at the waterfront in Woodbridge (“Woodbridge Whisstocks £10m development project under way“, BBC News 18 March 2016). The project will include a replica Anglo-Saxon vessel (see here).

This is an exciting development opposite the National Trust Sutton Hoo estate.

Ship at Sutton Hoo

Sae Wylfing © David Gill
Sae Wylfing © David Gill

Historia: The Sutton Hoo Festival of History took place at Sutton Hoo (National Trust) last weekend. The star exhibit was the reconstructed Sae Wylfing, a small replica of the ship found in the burial mound at Sutton Hoo.

Further details about the ship can be found on the Woodbridge Waterfront website.

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