Kate Clark: newly appointed CEO of CADW

Kate Clark

Kate Clark, New CEO of CADW (Source: CADW)

Kate Clark, visiting fellow at UCS, has been announced as the new CEO of CADW (press release; Cymraeg). Kate is quoted:

“I am thrilled to be joining the Welsh Government and Cadw. I am also looking forward to building on the excellent work to date through a collaborative approach with the historic environment sector to help people and communities connect with their past.”

Kate has formerly been Director of Sydney Living Museums in Australia.

Sutton Hoo Society: Basil Brown Memorial Lecture 2014

Sutton Hoo Society

Basil Brown Lecture 2014

The 2014 Basil Brown Memorial Lecture will be taking place in Woodbridge on Saturday 14 June 2014. Dr Leslie Webster will be lecturing on “Tradition and Transformation in Anglo-Saxon Art”.

15th Annual Cambridge Heritage Research Seminar: 1914 Inherited

15th Annual Cambridge Heritage Research Seminar: 1914 Inherited

The 15th Cambridge Heritage Research Seminar is taking place this weekend. The programme contains a range of topics that take us not only to the Western Front, but also to the Italian campaigns in the Alps, the Macedonian campaign, and to Sarajevo.


Saxon Shore Forts: Brancaster


Brancaster (Google Earth, 2010)

The Roman fort at Brancaster lies to the east of the village of the name on the north Norfolk coast. Numismatic evidence suggests that the fort was occupied in the 3rd century.

Bury St Edmunds Abbey

Bury St Edmunds Abbey

The abbey at Bury St Edmunds can be traced back to the early 7th century. The remains of the martyred St Edmund were buried here in 903. The Abbey survived until 1539 when it was handed to the Crown. English Heritage are now custodians of the site.

This guidebook, published in 1971 (and reprinted here in 1976) was prepared by A. B. Whittingham for the Department of the Environment. This was based on Whittingham’s 1951 article published in the Archaeological Journal. [For details see here.]

The guide (331 pp.) contains:

a. History

b. Description

c. Glossary

There are two plans inside the back cover: the Abbey Church (and crypt), and the Abbey precinct. There are also back and white photographs as well as reproductions of 18th century views of the ruins.

The Cleveland Apollo from an old East German collection

The Cultural Heritage debate has been reopened with the publication of Michael Bennett’s study of the so-called Cleveland Apollo. Bennett’s study reopens the “due diligence” process required before museum’s acquire recently surfaced material.

Rough Castle, Antonine Wall

Rough Castle looking east, Antonine Wall

One of the best preserved sections of the second century AD Roman Antonine Wall can be seen at the Roman fort at Rough Castle. The fort is attached to the south side of the wall, with a substantial ditch running on the north side.

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